Thursday 27 February 2014

Baby and Puppy meet for the first time!

"Before Your Get Your Puppy" Free Ebook by Dr. Ian Dunbar 
:: . "Puppies should be raised in an errorless housetraining and chewtoy-training set-up.  This is very easy to do and everything you need to know is described in this little book.  Otherwise, if puppies are allowed to eliminate anywhere and chew anything in their kennel, that's what they'll continue to do when you bring them home.  Most important, puppies must be socialized before they are three months old.  Preventing fearfulness and aggression is easy and fun whereas trying to resolve adult problems is difficult, time-comsuming and not always successful. Please download and email this book to every prospective and new puppy owner that you know in order to help spread the word that Puppyhood is the Time to Rescue Adult Shelter Dogs.

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Data Courtsey : Andrea Arden Dog Training
The St. Bernard is a breed of very large working dog from the Italian and Swiss Alps, originally breed for rescue. The breed has become famous through tales of alpine rescues, as well as for its enormous size.

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Wednesday 26 February 2014

Bulldog teaches baby to crawl. White French Bulldog, Sophie, teaching  baby Isabel to crawl

Puppy Kisses 18 months old bay.. so cute.. watch it and like it

Golden Retriever Puppy Fight


Tuesday 25 February 2014

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Best Puppy Training Video! Watch how these cute puppies are trained using positive & motivational methods. Professional breeders of German Shepherds who selectively breed from the very best lines, quality breeders who focus on sound temperments and even dispositions. Watch how they perform the Bio Sensor Program on German Shepherd puppies. These puppies are fully trained at just 11 weeks old!

These puppies' mother was hit by a car, leaving them all alone. But this amazing man came along and promised her he would take care of them. Not only that, but the mother actually helps him...even from death. Beautifully done.

Cute & Cutest Puppies of All Time

Monday 24 February 2014

Dog saves man by leading police car to burning house

Dog Surprises Officer After Being Freed From A Fence

Dog saves four newborn kittens from fire

Soldier welcomed home by happy dog

Lost Dog Dora Reunited with Family After Seven Months

Labrador Camila and Her Kitten Tobias Reunited

Dog Adopts and Protects Abandoned Kitten

Cat Meets New Puppy For The First Time

Cutest Puppies Video of All Time

Sweetest husky puppies Video Ever

Cutest puppy video ever!

Tuesday 18 February 2014

4 males / 2 females available. For all inquiries call 9138690000, 8976381626.

Sunday 16 February 2014

PitBull Dogs & Puppies

Images for pitbull dog, What is a Pit Bull?, pitbull puppies with mother

French Mastiff Female Puppy

Picture Courtesy : Gaurav Upadhyaya

Thursday 13 February 2014

Love them !!!

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New Entry in Ds Kennel. 
Booking open :- Mob:- +717307176476

Are you thinking to own a Saint Bernard Puppy ? Then just have a look here....

Puppy buyers should visit as many breeders as possible and ask to see the parents of the puppies. ALL Saints should be friendly and outgoing. Puppies should be kept in a clean environment and be socialized by the breeder. Puppies should not leave the kennel or their littermates until a minimum of seven weeks. 

Breeders should be happy to give you references. Responsible breeders provide AKC registration papers with each dog unless reasons such as spay/neuter are provided. The average life expectancy of a Saint Bernard should be 8-10 years. 

Saints do DROOL – there is no such thing as a dry mouth. All Saints shed. Saints are NOT guard dogs. Breeders should be responsible for the dogs they have bred and be willing to find new homes for the occasional dog who needs it. High prices do not determine quality.

Original St Bernard Puppies | Pictures of Original Breed of St Bernard

Breeder :- Woodheaven Saint Bernard Kennel

Wednesday 12 February 2014

Viral Story Behind Flappy Bird Game :-

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Saturday 8 February 2014

Watch this video before selecting your Puppy .

Friday 7 February 2014

Prince, the labrador, meets his owner who returns from Europe after a year long stay. It took a little while for Prince to recognize his master as he had never seen him with dreadlocks

Tuesday 4 February 2014

When I search about caring of St. Bernard puppies, noticed one good article on internet. 

Full Article Courtesy :

1. Feed him right.

You should give your dog the best food he can get. Sometimes that means you should use home-made recipes, raw food, or top quality dog food like Blue.

2. Medical Care. Keep up with shots that your puppy needs. Make sure to go to the vet if anything looks wrong. Keep your house and yard clean to eliminate any diseases lurking about.

3. Socialize. Make sure your puppy meets gentle, vaccinated adult dogs so that he will be good with other dogs when he is older. Introduce him to all sorts of people (make sure they are gentle with the puppy) and have them pet your puppy and feed him treats.

4. Training. Make sure you train your puppy really well. Get a crate to put him in while you are gone and leave it open for him so he can go in it whenever he wants. NEVER put him in a crate because he did something wrong. It will only make him harder to put in his crate. (Which would be really bad because crates keep the dogs from chewing things up when you're not there.) Get a training book from the library or bookstore. Here are some ones I recommend:

Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer - Adam Katz

How to Raise the Perfect Dog - Cesar Millan (The Dog Whisperer)
A New Owner's Guide to Saint Bernards - Betty-Anne Stenmark

Some videos to watch:

Good luck!

Animal Planet
2009 Annual Dogs USA 
st  bernard puppies for sale, best quality st bernard puppies for great offer, best deal for st bernard puppies in india, how to buy st bernard puppies online, Find Puppies for sale and dogs for sale from dog breeders, private dog breeders, Kennels for puppies and dogs for sale in your area. breeders of purebred and designer dogsKulbir Kennel - A Place for Top Quality Saint Bernard and French Mastriff was founded in 2004 by young and manifold personality Mr. Bhupinder Singh (Kulbir) with the aim to improve the quality of Saint Bernard Breed in India. His younger brother Parminder Singh (Happy) from America also helped him to promote the kennel and later on joined this trade and also opened the another branch in America to capture the global market.

In America the Kennel is situated in Reno (NY) - the smallest city of the world, mainly famous for the Gambling. Now the Kennel is operational from both India and America and more than 25 dogs have been imported from America, Japan, and other regions of Europe.

With the span of only 5 years the Kennel bagged many prestigious Awards and is also known as the Top Quality Saint Bernard Kennel in North India.

45 Best of Breeds (B.O.B) 
18 Champions for 2 years
7 times Best-In-Show 
2nd in All breed pointed Dog Show 
Wins International Caron 2008 in Gurgaon 
2nd in Group 2007 

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Owner : Mr. Bhupinder Singh 
Facebook :

Contact Persons: 
Mr. Bhupinder Singh (Kulbir) 
Mr. Parminder Singh (Happy) 

Contact Numbers: 
Cell: +91 - 98156 - 25052. 
Cell: +91 - 98720 - 71890. 
Cell: +91 - 98156 - 36042. 

Correspondence Address: 
Village Kauri, P.O. Khanna, Distt. Ludhiana. Punjab State. INDIA. 141401
 # 2112, Fargo Way, Sparks, Nevada NV, RENO. USA. 

E-mail ids: 


Monday 3 February 2014

I am BLOWN AWAY by this dog! This dog is ready to eat BUT what he does next will simply TOUCH YOUR HEART!

Watch out Some of the cutest and funniest puppies and dogs

French Bulldog Puppies Cute Video

Sunday 2 February 2014

This video was captured by a guy on his cell phone at Kruger National park. Sold to National Geographic for 1 million dollars.
One of the best videos for wildlife lovers, amazing stuff

See how this dog imitates the baby !!! Sooo Cute !!!

Cesar goes back to basics, adopting four adorable pups and filming them living with him and his pack for their first eight months.

Labrador puppies playing on the deck for the first time at 3 weeks of age