Wednesday 12 February 2014

Viral Story Behind Flappy Bird Game :-

Flappy Bird phones on sale on eBay from $300 to $90,000, iPhone 5S With Flappy Bird Installed Is Selling, Flappy Bird' takedown, phones with the game list for thousandsThere was a game name Flappy Brd in both Apple and Android app store for free. After uploaded from a china developer the game goes viral within few days it got the best hits in numbers top of the chart every where highly addicting game. So he deleted the game and now not available.

The comedy is Flappy bird installed IOS devices like iPad, iPhones are auctioned last 3 days for 100,000 USD 55000 Euro and so on people made made over night . In UAE last 2-3 days an iPhone worth dhs 3000 are sold @ 20K !!!

See the related news on :- An iPhone 5S with the suddenly rare Flappy Bird game already installed is selling for $99,900 on eBay. You should presume many of those bids are fake. Since indie game developer Dong Nguyen removed Flappy Bird from the App Store, any phone


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