Thursday 13 February 2014

Are you thinking to own a Saint Bernard Puppy ? Then just have a look here....

Puppy buyers should visit as many breeders as possible and ask to see the parents of the puppies. ALL Saints should be friendly and outgoing. Puppies should be kept in a clean environment and be socialized by the breeder. Puppies should not leave the kennel or their littermates until a minimum of seven weeks. 

Breeders should be happy to give you references. Responsible breeders provide AKC registration papers with each dog unless reasons such as spay/neuter are provided. The average life expectancy of a Saint Bernard should be 8-10 years. 

Saints do DROOL – there is no such thing as a dry mouth. All Saints shed. Saints are NOT guard dogs. Breeders should be responsible for the dogs they have bred and be willing to find new homes for the occasional dog who needs it. High prices do not determine quality.

Original St Bernard Puppies | Pictures of Original Breed of St Bernard

Breeder :- Woodheaven Saint Bernard Kennel


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