Wednesday 24 September 2014

people getting puppies for christmas, i got a puppy for christmas, christmas puppy surprise, puppy for christmas present, people getting a puppy for christmas youtubeGetting puppy This video is so touching..

See the expression of old lady and kids. What ever the age, they all love them. See the tears of joy..

Enjoy the Christmas .... 

Thursday 4 September 2014

potty pads puppies that works, how to paper train your puppy, how to potty train a dogPotty Training is very essential for those puppy onwers who grow them inside the house hold. See some tips that will make potty training not only easier but much faster.

Try it out and share your experience with us

 baby goat playing with puppies, baby and puppy, puppies playing with babies videos
Lol !!!! This is so cute. See how both of the playing. Short and adorable video of puppy and baby playing..

Most cutest section is the way puppy jumbing to link baby's ear

Tuesday 2 September 2014

St. Bernard showing love to owner, This is Sully, the St Bernard, This is how he loves his dad when he comes home from work - by pinning him down so he has to hug him. He need caring and love from master. 

See the video to get realise the real love and attachment of Saint Bernard and master

Soo Sweet .... Check this lovely picture and give caption as comment

Come on Mamma ... We will play ....