Tuesday 29 April 2014

Came across this video in one of the sites, my heart was weeping when read that these puppies spend their life in cage until now, even it is for 60 days..!!  Read the info and help if you are close by...

“ Cinta says : Dear Ubud Community, Every morning I wake up feeling like crying! My heart is crying because of the poor dogs underneath my house who are crying out for help but nobody to hear them!! Aaaaah Right behind Alchemy Bali they are locked up most of the day. They are 2 months old now and still in a cage. That's more than 60 days in a cage! They are for sale 3milion per dog, but nobody seems to take them.. The owners are good people, but they do not know how to sell them. And they don't have any space for the dogs.. Please help these poor dogs. The puppies love playing all day, but they CAN NOT PLAY ! They are the cutest Golden Retreiver puppies I have ever seen. I don't want them to cry and slowly die. They deserve FREEDOM! Please help! Call the owner on 087 861 115 655. Much Love/Cinta! “


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